About Us

Chompers and Sons was created when a mother and son duo crossed paths with a very handsome father and son duo.  Against all odds the two pairs became a family of four and embarked on a journey that led them here.  Jeff and Megan both come from an extensive background in the fashion industry, with over 10 years of combined work experience; they are now combining their vast knowledge of design, merchandising and marketing to launch this fun collection.  Chompers and Rango both share a love for treats, napping, and allowing their parents to dress them up.   Together we manufacture contemporary clothing and accessories for your furry friend.  Everything is handmade in Downtown Los Angeles with a sincere attention to detail and quality fabrics specifically designed to emulate todays fashion trends.



Thank You

This would not have been possible without the love and support of our family and friends, we are forever grateful to you all.  Special thanks to Brendan Lam, Anthony Paniagua, and Jorge Navarrete for lending the extra hand to get us up and running.