Meet Chompers


Shih Tzu


Tell us about Chompers.

Chompers is a little dog with a big attitude, I don't think he's realized how small he actually is.   He has always been drawn to larger dogs but the older he gets the less social he becomes.  My little man always aims to please - he lets me dress him up all the time and will literally fall asleep mid photo shoot.  Full time napper part time male model. 


How did you meet?

Chompers was spoken for when we met.   My mom adopted him from a family member and brought him home when he was a little puppy.  We had a territorial cat in the house at the time so everyone decided he would have to spend the first night in my room to keep safe.  The rest is history - we instantly fell in love and I quickly took him from my mom.  #SorryNotSorry 

Does he have any nicknames?

Chomps, Chompies, Monkey, Chimps, Chimpies, The Boy, Stinky


What is his favorite toy?

He walks around with Silly Squeakers Beer and Liquor Bottles.  They are his absolute favorite!  We got the first one as a joke but every year he gets a new one for his birthday.   We've tried other brands and styles but it has to be rubber.   He makes you squeak it for him until he starts howling. 


Special Talents/Tricks?

His newest trick is convincing different people he hasn't had a treat.  He has definitely  realized how spoiled he is now so he doesn't do tricks for treats anymore.   My parents are soft so they give him one even if he doesn't follow his commands.  Chompers is also very intelligent; we can't say certain words or phrases around him so we spell everything out when he's around.  


Anything else you want to share with us?

We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my little man.   He changed me for the better and I think in some ways he knows it.  As a women, I've grown up a lot having him in my life.  I am more patient, kind and heck of a lot more affectionate.  Having someone in your life that loves you more than you love yourself changes you and i'll forever be grateful for the impact he's had on our lives.  Both Chompers and Rango have been our inspiration in developing this brand. 




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