Meet Rango

Shih Tzu


Tell us about Rango.
Rango is little shih with a big attitude.   You'll almost never catch him fully nakey, he sports his regular neckerchief and/or coordinated Chompers & Sons shirts to match his dad, Jeff.  His favorite things include being spoiled and eating ice cream with whoever will share.  He has the most love to offer and is honestly the sweetest thing.
What are three things Rango did today.
1. Followed Grandma and Grandpa around the house.
2.  Chased some cats out of the yard.

3.  Had all his toys on the bed waiting for Dad to get home from work so they could play.

Rango gets asked this question every time Jeff gets home.  They spend a good 10 minutes hugging, laughing and somehow discussing what Rango did while Dad was gone.  It might be the cutest thing we've ever witnessed.


Does he have any nicknames?
Rangi, Rangi Boy, Wangi, Wango, Duder, El Duderino, Monkey Boy, Dr Dingleberry
What is his favorite toy?
Any toy someone else has.  He has only child syndrome so when he visits Chompers, Peanut and Dallas he gets greedy.  At home his favorite toys are KONG SqueakAir Balls.  He's gone through a few packs but he loves them; the XS pack are bite size perfection for him.


Special Talents/Tricks?
This kids got spunk!  He'll show off any chance he gets; again only child syndrome at it's best.  He stands on his hind legs a lot to make sure he's taller than the other dogs.  He'll also outrun and out jump the rest but his most popular trick is only listening to his Dad.
Fun Fact
Jeff's Dad developed our very first samples and helped kickstart this idea almost eight months ago.  Rango has three one-of-a-kind shirts but we're releasing a limited run of the tropical shirt featured in this post soon!
Anything else you want to share with us?
Jeff and Rango are the most stylish men we know and the main inspiration behind the brand.  Opposites to the core - Rango is animated and extremely social while Jeff remains calm, cool and collected.  Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them and I think Rango found something special when he chose Jeff. 




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