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Shih Tzu


Tell us about Dallas.

Dallas is Rango's real life brother and BFF.   He lives with Chompers and Peanut so he seems to be the most spoiled one of the bunch.   Short and stout but also the happiest and laziest boy ever; he puts the S in Chompers and Sons.   

What makes Dallas unique?

I have never seen a Carpet Swimmer but Dallas should get the gold medal for this one!  He is the only pup in our crew who will rub his belly on every single rug in the house.  He starts his day carpet swimming and he ends his day carpet swimming. He also loves putting his body anywhere it most definitely will not fit.  I often see him purposely pushing another pet out of their bed or sitting on their heads till they move.  He might be the smallest but he's also the heaviest so he knows how to use his weight to his advantage.

 Does he have any nicknames?

Dal, Dally, Churby   

What is his favorite toy?

Dallas has a huge collection of hedgehogs.  He loves walking around with a hedgehog in his mouth and can entertain himself for hours with his toys.  Since we brought a third pup into the house he seemed to claim all the toys as his own and will also run around with all of Chomps food toys.  Not sure if he knows he can't actually eat the food toys but he won't be caught outside without trying to eat his pizza.

Special Talents/Tricks?

Just being cute and chubby.   Dallas can jump and stand on his hind legs but he refuses; he waits and stares with his big eyes till someone realizes he needs help getting up.  The ONLY time he might actually try to use his muscles are if/when food is involved.  He wants all his treats first and quickly realized Rango will out jump him if he stays down.  

  Anything else you want to share with us?

If you read our first post 'Meet Chompers' you'll know I stole my moms puppy from her after about 15 minutes of her having him.  Well almost four years later we finally let her get her own!  Dallas has been such a great addition to our household.   He is always happy and will pretty much let you do anything to him.  Even at his laziest he seems to make us laugh.  Dal has the sweetest personality and gives so much love when you need it the most.    




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  • I love your sup pup part can’t wait to see more dogs featured here. I love me some Dallas ! He’s churby and confident !


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